Marijana Cvetković

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Marijana Cvetković is a producer and curator, one of the co-founders of Station. She initiated and realized various programmes and projects in the fields of cultural policy, international and Balkan cultural cooperation, contemporary dance, visual arts and museums.

She is also a co-founder of Nomad Dance Academy, Belgrade’s independent cultural center Magacin, Association of Independent Culture Scene of Serbia and Platform for the Commons “Zajedničko”, as well as the GPS network of the US and East European dance artists and professionals. She is a cultural activist on the independent cultural scenes in Belgrade and Serbia.

Marijana gives lectures and workshops on diverse topics related to self-organization, independent cultural scene, contemporary dance, museum development and networking. She has organised and curated numerous international conferences and exhibitions at Centre Georges Pompidou Paris, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, FLU Gallery at University of Arts Belgrade, BITEF Festival, Kondenz Festival of Contemporary Dance and Performance and many others. She has edited several books and published numerous articles in magazines and edited books.

She has produced numerous artistic, educational and research projects with Serbian, Balkan and international artists, managed European collaboration projects and taken part to various juries (for the EUNIC network’s programme Spaces of Culture, for the Goethe Institute, the University of Arts in Belgrade, Nomad Dance Academy etc.).

In 2018 she received the Jelena Santic Award for her activism.

Ana Ranković

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Ana Ranković is an archaeologist turned activist, researcher, data analyst, interested in topics of human coordination and collective problem solving, epistemology and ethics.

Amongst other her previous experience included co-founding and working with organization Fractal on epistemic commons, interethnic dialogue and trust building in the post-conflict context of former Yugoslavia involving also reflective inquiry on broader issues of the nature-humanity-technology nexus; research work with SEE Change Net on sustainability challenges as echoed in the saying “what got us here won’t get us there”, as well data modelling and co-creation work as part of the Horizon 2020 EUCalc project inspired by the family of so called 2050 Calculators which were spearheaded by the need for more transparent and participatory approaches to address the challenge of climate mitigation.

She joined Station in 2021 to support the financial data management system related to ongoing projects. On behalf of the Station, she also participates in working groups run by a network of representative associations in culture aimed at improving the status of independent artists.

Olivera Kecojević

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Olivera Kecojević is a producer with a long experience in performing arts production, from various festivals (Belgrade Dance Festival, Bitef Festival…) to dance and theater production (worked with authors such as Olga Dimitrijević, Maja Pelević, Dimitrije Kokanov, Ana Tomović, Nikola Ljuca, Igor Koruga, Vladimir Aleksić, Sanja Marković). She also organized events and assisted to the film production (Ognjen Glavonić).

Filip Perić

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Filip Perić is a producer. For years, he has been active on the theater and dance scene in Belgrade through cooperation with Bitef, the National Theatre, the Center for Cultural Decontamination. He has also participated in a small number of independent film projects. Author of several newspaper articles and interviews in the field of theater.

Edin Omanović

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Edin Omanović is the online voice of Station and the Nomad Dance Academy network.

Ana Vještica

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Ana Vještica is an administrative associate with experience working in various organizations and companies. She completed her economics studies and had a series of professional training in Serbia, France and Switzerland.


Vlidi Stanica 2

Vladimir Jerić Vlidi takes care about Stanica, Nomad Dance Academy. and CPMIYU websites.

Vlidi worked as a musician and author, and also as a media producer and editor.
The list of his published writings can be found here.
More about Vlidi’s work you can find here.

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